Thursday, February 16, 2012

Parent Cave: Desk Organization

Wow!  With the arrival of the holidays and my "tchotchsky" as my mother calls him, I've been woefully remiss in posting.  Thankfully, I've got this post that I had started before Thanksgiving which only needed a bit of editing and some photos before it was ready to put up.  Enjoy!

Phew!  I thought this would be easier than my sewing stuff, but alas, life doesn't work that way.

After the relatively easy task of setting up the computer and sewing apparatuses themselves, some odd conundrums presented themselves:

First to tackle the trash: Please husband, remove!  I can't lift too much stuff anymore as my abdominal muscles are actually separating down the middle!

Then lamp selection and finding them light bulbs.  This was actually difficult because the lamp with the best light for sewing (and the only readily available bulb) was also the lamp with the writing utensil sorting bins.  Husband side won that one, and after a few projects were completed, I realized that with the natural light coming in from the window, the lamp was a very minor concern anyway.

After that, I had to make some decisions on leg space.  Originally, one of the two file cabinets on casters was to go under the Kim-section of the desk.  After some thought, I realized that I need to be able to move back and forth kind of easily under my desk during some sewing projects, and sometimes even to the computer (for uploading photos and blogging of course) and my knees were going to be rainbow colored within a week if I left it there.  It also had the potential to block some of the heat from the radiator if we left it under there, which is never a good thing.  So I sacrificed some ease of getting into my yarn cabinet to save my lower extremities.
Shelves will be going up on the walls above the husband's side with his books--big heavy engineering books--and our joint reading library.  We're quite lucky in that we both like similar types of pleasure reading books and many of the same authors, so when we actually buy a book it gets read at least twice.

For now we're sharing a chair, but a new chair for Kim is definitely on the horizon.  My husband's chair (apart from being 10 years old and a remnant from a frat house) is a bit too big for sewing making it difficult to move around, and its arms make it hard to wrangle some fabrics.  It's also not the easiest to move up and down (or even around on the rug we bought), and I like an especially high chair while sewing; the husband prefers a low chair to type and review documents.

We will also be buying/making another chair--a bean bag chair!  I'm very excited about this, as I was never also to have one as a child, and I LOVE them.  I also anticipate this being a great place to be able to put the baby when it's sleeping and I'm hanging out in here.  Currently researching...

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