Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby Food Experiment

So, weeks ago I vowed to make little guy's baby food.  And while that has been happening, I haven't made "baby food".  I've just been mushing or pureeing a fruit or vegetable for his consumption.  And frankly, for a while it was WAY too much to send to school with him.

A few weeks ago, I saw this great recipe for something I make all the time, but for a baby this time.  Apart from an easy way to start introducing meats into my little man (6 months and not even an inkling of a tooth), I never even thought about quinoa for him.  And why not?  We eat quinoa all the time.  And it's good.  And it's a super food or something...

I still haven't gotten around to making this--it's 90 effin' degrees in Philly every day this summer--but it's on my list.

Apart from veggie purees, any suggestions from the peanut gallery?  Do babies even care if they get a whole meal's worth of taste in one bite?

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  1. It's Erin (if you can't tell). We had scrambled eggs and romano cheese last night. And Alex had some nectarine today. We've just been giving him largish pieces of food to do what he will with. I think we're going to try ground lamb this weekend. You should check out the book "Real Food for Mother and Baby." The last chapter is all about first foods, and it really speaks to me. Love!