Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Almost a month late and always a dollar short...

Now that it's almost May, I finally have time to update you on my progress from March.  My, how time flies when you're having fun (and squashing some goals)!

Goals re-cap:
Just another snow day out fit from the Little Man
1. Sew one garment a month
2. Post an article a month
3. Run at least 2 5K races
4. Exercise 3 times a week
5. Have one date with my husband a month
6. Become better at expressing my curiosity.
7. Read 10 books

And my progress?
1.  I didn't sew anything, as I packed up all of my sewing stuff and put it into storage (more to come on that topic)
2. I actually posted 2 articles in March (cookies and a minor rant), and started writing a 3rd (which I'm hoping to finish this week so I can meet my April goal).
3. & 4. I actually ran a few times to train for the Temple Alumni Weekend race and did an okay job of meeting or exceeding the 10K steps each day that FitBit deems necessary.
5. We actually went on a date--to my husband's fraternity's anniversary gala.  It was the first time we've left the Little Lady with our babysitter and we had a great time.  And I still fit into the same dress I wore to the last fraternity formal I went to in (2004 or 5 with the help of some spanx), so it was an overall win of an evening.
6. I feel like I'm doing a great job of this at work and in professional situations, but not so much in my personal life.  Might be time to find a Ted Talk or something on the matter...
7. The book that won't die: Songs in Ordinary Time.  I've even been keeping the book that's next in the queue on my desk so that I have to look at it all the time to remind me, have kept to my self-imposed 15 minutes or more of reading this damn book every day, and still it won't end...

April is another month, which I'll be reporting on shortly.  Some highlights to come?
- TU Alumni Weekend 5K
- A great exercise in stress to force me into more poignantly expressed curiosity

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