Monday, June 22, 2015

#SuburbsBound: Packing and moving

This week makes our journey to the suburbs official--Wednesday I pay some (probably) burly men to move all our family's possessions from our Victorian twin in Philadelphia to a stately Colonial Revival in the suburbs.  And hopefully nothing gets broken...

Over the weekend, we finished packing everything up.  The kitchen, the basement, the bedrooms...

I thought I would be most struck with nostalgia while packing up the kids' rooms--the blankets, tiny clothes, toys, and gifts from loved ones all getting stuffed away.  But I actually felt empowered packing their things away, remembering that we're moving so that they will grow up in a better way than what we could offer them while still within the city's borders.  They'll grow up with clean streets, a playground without drunks hanging out on benches, and a night sky (mostly) devoid of police helicopters and the inbound air traffic for Philadelphia International.

So after my freak outs last week about being a sell-out and becoming a soccer mom, I had a therapy session by means of cathartic box packing, and I am--dare I type it!?--looking forward to moving to the suburbs.

Look out, Glenside, the Bickertons are officially #SuburbsBound!

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