Sunday, November 8, 2015

Pattern Review: Baby Go-To Leggings

I had found a free pattern for baby leggings online a long time ago, have some random bits of UFO (unfinished object) fabric that I need to stop looking at, and some 50 year-old elastic laying around.  YAY!

So why not try out the free pattern on the little lady (who is just over a year now)?

Here are my experiences with the Baby Go-To Leggings Pattern.

The good news:
This is a pattern with VERY well-written instructions.  Even as a first-time project, I think someone would have a very easy time putting these together.  There are explanations of terminology, explanations of fabric (and how to determine that you're using a correct fabric), and an explanation on how to piece the pattern together from the 4 pages of letter-size paper.  And thankfully, it includes the seam allowance in the pattern, and since I've found many PDF patterns (especially the free ones) don't this is pretty awesome.

This also took less than an hour to cut the pattern, tape it together, cut the pieces, and sew it all up!

The bad news:
I think this was drafted for a very short, very fat baby.  I was so worried about the waist (which was spot on and even allows for some growth for my kid) that I didn't pay much attention to the length.  Little lady ended up with pants that are 2 inches too short...

I will definitely be using this pattern again.  I will definitely add a cuff at the ankle, though.

Pattern--Free (with newsletter subscription for Go To Patterns)
Fabric--Free, as I was really killing a UFO and stashbusting
Notions--Free, from my hoarding of my grandmother's sewing stuff

All opinions expressed in this post are my own and have in no way been solicited for nor have I received compensation or sponsorship.

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