Friday, January 22, 2016

Whole30 #2: Week 2

Better published late than never!

Other than the persistent feeling of exhaustion and the late week crankiness, we're doing good.  Looking for recipe ideas, so please help!

Day 8: Still tired, cranky, but this may be due more to life than diet...WORST. MONDAY. EVER.
  • Breakfast:  Coffee and 1/2 a smoothie (the other half ended up in my purse.  See above note regarding temperament).
  • Lunch: Work restaurant lunch--salad with grilled chicken, romaine, hard boiled egg, pico, avocado, vinegar (not vinagrette).
  • Dinner: Chicken roasted with carrots and parsnips.  A big old spoonful of almond butter
    sprinkled with sea salt.
Day 9: The cranky is finally subsiding.  I was originally up at 5am for no good reason--just done sleeping I guess!
  • Breakfast: Coffee.  Lots of coffee.
  • Lunch: Leftover chicken, carrots, and parsnips with some arugula; an orange; and a not very ripe at all mango.
  • Dinner: Thai red curry with veggies, cod, and avocado.
Day 10:
Day 11: Feeling pretty good.  Getting out of bed easily.
  • Breakfast: Coffee.
  • Lunch: Leftover squash burrito bowl and a grapefruit.  I even poached an egg at work using the microwave!
  • Dinner: Chicken soup.
Day 12: Feeling really good, but there's a strong need for coffee.
  • Breakfast:  Lots of coffee. 
  • Lunch: A weird amalgam of leftovers that I can't really describe.  And an apple with almond butter.
  • Dinner: Date night!: King crab legs with strained butter, green beans, and some baked potato with strained butter.
Day 13:  Ski day!
  • Breakfast: Coffee 
  • Lunch:  Chicken taco salad and a grapefruit.  And a coffee.  I was just feeling the coffee.
  • Dinner:
Day 14: Little Man's Birthday!  I was up 645am (everyone else was dead to the world) and got to read quietly for 45 minutes before the little lady got up.  It was awesome!
  • Breakfast: Coffee and a smoothie (coconut milk, blueberries, cherries, chia seed, and a Tbsp of almond butter.
  • Lunch: Salad and buffalo wings.  It probably had vegetable oil in both, but whatever...I didn't eat pizza.  Or the really awesome Ninja Turtle head cake pops my best friend made.  Or drink wine!  But I did eat chocolate cake...and it was amazing.
  • Dinner: Chicken soup--finally killed that batch!

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