Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Goals Update: Intent is key

On the path to better communication, I've been in search of snippets of wisdom.  This week, one came in the form of a tweet from a man after my heart with his Twitter handle (@recoveringengineer).

Paired with a news spot I heard on NPR on the way into work the same morning, I realized I have been taking my partner, my friends & family, and most likely many of my co-workers for granted when it comes to communication.

Throw in an email chain earlier this week with one of my besties in which we're scheduling an activity to do together on completely different weekends, and I'm going to make a sub-goal #6 on better expressing my curiosity:

I'm going to be more clear in the intent of my curiosity.

Rather than just assuming that those with whom I'm communicating know my goals, I'm going to tell them.  I'm a very process-driven individual, so knowing where we're going before we get in the car is REALLY helpful for me--it'll be interesting to see how this works with others who are less-so.  So here we go:

My intent with this change in communication style is share my ideas in a more succinct and less confusing manner in order to maximize collaboration and good-will while minimizing frustration for all parties concerned.

How do you all communicate effectively? What kinds of "rules" might you have given yourself to become a better communicator?

I'll keep you posted on my progress, so please let me know if this is helping you, too!

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