Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Goals Update: September in Review

The last few months have been pretty hectic, and I feel like we're finally settling into our new life in the suburbs.  Once you move in, there's still more work to be done in getting your schedule together and truly adjusting to a whole new way of doing everything.  And it's finally starting to feel comfortable...and productive!

How am I doing on my goals?  Not too bad!

1. Sew one garment a month: Nothing in September, but I was able to get a lot of my sewing projects lined up and ready to go, including getting my sewing table set-up and ready to go. I cut out another Renfew T-shirt just after Labor Day only to discover that I couldn't find my serger pedal anywhere.  The new one came in the mail last week, so October promises to be a much more productive sewing month.
2. Post an article a month: I posted twice, but neglected an August goals update and an ode to my little Lady who turned one. Meh.
3. Run at least 2 5K races: Signed up for one that happened Oct. 3rd...I'm trying to find another one to do before the fall is over.  Any suggestions?
4. Exercise 3 times a week: Doing a pretty good job of making those 10K steps, and I ran once or twice a week in September to get ready for my October 5K.  
5. Have one date with my husband a month: Thanks to a Nana visit, we went neighborhood bar hopping one night.  I think we were home and in bed b 1030pm, but it was a date and we had fun.
6. Become better at expressing my curiosity, and be more clear in the intent of my curiosity: Following my last post, I've been speaking with some friends and colleagues about how I'm working on this.  I think that by stating my anticipated goal (or that there isn't one) for a conversation has made communication in both social and professional situations more productive and enjoyable.
7. Read 10 books: Finally finished "All the President's Men".  Picked up "The Goldfinch" not realizing it's almost 800 pages...whoops! I think I'll be sorting my GoodReads lists on page count (if that's possible) next time.  5 down, 5 to go and a little under 3 months to do it in.  

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